Video MAJESTIC HOTEL Barcelona, Spain 🇪🇸【4K Hotel Tour & Review】Historic & Pristine!

Video ✅ 4K Hotel Tour & Review of the 5-Star Hotel Majestic in Barcelona, Spain- located in the desirable and famous Eixample neighborhood. ✅ MAJESTIC HOTEL Barcelona, Spain 🇪🇸【4K Hotel Tour & Review】Historic & Pristine!

⏩ Video content : MAJESTIC HOTEL Barcelona, Spain 🇪🇸【4K Hotel Tour & Review】Historic & Pristine!

It’s quite a rarity these days when a hotel’s name truly matches the experience
that you’ll have inside. Hi there, my name is Kevin and I make honest and to
the point narrated trip reports about flights and hotels all over the world.
This is video number 122 at the Hotel Majestic in Barcelona,
representing the 46th Hotel Brand featured on the channel. Stick around for the full tour.
Welcome to Barcelona. Even if the Hotel Majestic wasn’t a great hotel,
it would still be a decent hotel simply for its location directly on Paseo de Gracia. If you’d
like to know the exact rate that I paid for my stay, please check on the description below.
Before we get into the review, a quick riddle: What do flying pigs, vegan polar bears and
sponsored unbiased reviews have in common? … They don’t exist. That’s why this video is unsponsored
and The Majestic Hotel hadn’t a clue that I’d be visiting and therefore won’t include any exclusive
access, staged photo shoots or vvip treatment that the average guest couldn’t experience for
themselves, because that’s not what I do. For sure though, this video will include
honest commentary and candid video footage because this hotel stay is 100% self funded.
If you enjoy or appreciate or just barely tolerate authentic travel content,
please consider giving this channel a sub and checking out my map-tastic
Patreon in the description below. Y’all are the sponsors of this video,
so a big thanks in advance for stopping by. So, as we walk through the hotel’s reception area
and towards the Lobby bar, this 303 room slice of history deserves a few words about its past.
Originally opened in 1918, the hotel was one of the very first upscale properties in Barcelona
and represented a beacon of grandeur for the Catalonian state and a progressive showcase
for a growing artistic community. During the Spanish Civil War,
the Majestic Hotel acted in the same capacity as the Caravelle Hotel in Saigon- where war
correspondents from all around the world gathered to watch and report on the war’s daily progress.
I’m filming these shots around 6:00, which may as well be 4:00am in Spain- but the Lobby Bar

Hi there! My name is Kevin and today we are going to take a look the Majestic Hotel in Barcelona, Spain. Join me for a tour including my room, all of the beautiful common areas, the breathtaking rooftop pool and bar, a fantastic buffet breakfast and a bit of history about the property, all followed up with The Flip Flop Score.

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💰 Hotel Rate
Rate: $234.58 USD
Conditions: Refundable
Inclusions: $100 Food Credit, Upgrade, Late Check Out

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–Video Chapters–
0:00 Hotel Preview
00:23 Intro
00:34 Welcome to Barcelona
00:40 Hotel Info
00:54 A Quick Unsponsored Riddle
01:24 Hotel Exterior
01:40 Hotel Reception
01:50 History of Hotel & Lobby Bar
02:14 Lobby Bar Menu
03:15 Hotel’s Location
03:40 Rooftop Views
03:50 Rooftop Pool
04:10 La Dolce Vita Rooftop Bar
04:20 La Dolce Vita Menu
04:35 Tapas on Offer
04:50 Walking to the Room
05:25 My Privilege Room Tour
07:17 Bathroom Tour
08:10 Indoor Terrace
08:45 Pebil Tacos for Dinner
09:05 SOLC Restaurant
09:20 Service Style
09:55 Beautiful Breakfast Buffet
11:05 Pristine Hotel Condition
11:28 The Flip Flop Score

Music featured in this video is licensed under an Artlist Unlimited License.

This is NOT a promotional video. I pay for all of my flights and hotels (and I always tell you how much!) so I can be as honest and impartial as possible. I do not receive any special treatment that wouldn’t otherwise be publicly accessible, in fact, the hotels and airlines have no idea about my visit and that’s the way I like it!

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