Video How to travel to Rome on a budget: Rome travel guide, Rome on a budget

Video ✅ How to travel to Rome on a budget- Budget travel tips for Rome, Italy. Rome is one of those destinations on most people’s “bucket list”, because of the famous Italian food like pizza, pasta, gelato and great selection of Italian wines and world renown tourist sites like Colosseum, Trevi fountain, Vatican, Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Jewish ghetto, Roman forum, Trastevere neighborhood, Roman aqueduct, Villa Borghese, among others. ✅ How to travel to Rome on a budget: Rome travel guide, Rome on a budget

⏩ Video content : How to travel to Rome on a budget: Rome travel guide, Rome on a budget

Hi guys! Welcome back to my channel. Today I’m going to give you some tips that will help
you enjoy Rome – on a budget – stay tuned ’til the end of this video, and you’ll get to
know the tips that will help you save some money when you visit this “eternal city” of Rome
Tip numero uno, tip number one: is to visit Rome during off-season. By off-season I mean between
November and March usually, in people’s minds, they are thinking it’s winter it’s probably so cold but
believe me it’s not cold in Rome, of course it’s a bit cold, but not that cold like we have very
many sunny days and all you need to do is, get on a warm coat and get cracking, anyway guys, and then
another thing is like, there’s not so many people during this time in Rome because most people think
that Rome is cold – we’re not like, in northern Europe – where it’s snowing, it’s really nice
just make sure you visit during the off-season you will enjoy Rome with less people and it’s
a very good experience. Number two: if you’re wondering what means of transport to use in Rome,
let me just give it to you straight guys: taxis are expensive. I mean it, like a taxi from the airport
to the city center, it’s like around 50 euros and a taxi around the center it’s not less than 20
euros, but don’t worry, instead you can use public transport which tends to be reliable, we have buses
that go through the city, we have Metros, we have trams, and all you need is a euro and 50 cents, and
that ticket will last you for 90 minutes. So guys, if you’re wondering where to buy this ticket you
can buy it at a “tabacchi” if you see a sign TABACCHI you can get a ticket, and also at the stop there are
machines that sell the tickets, and another thing is, that other shops around the station will sell
you the tickets. Tip number three: don’t stay at the major tourist site. I know you probably like “if
go to Rome, I’m gonna stay at a hotel that I will face the Colosseum or the Vatican” – we all want that
guys, believe me, but you’re gonna have to pour some money for that. What you can do instead, you can get
a neighborhood that’s close to the Metro or that has buses and trams going around and some of the
neighborhoods that I will recommend, there is San Paolo, there’s Garbatella, there’s Marconi all these
places you’ll find nice hotels or even Airbnb’s, and that way, you’ll be able to get on the Metro, go
to the Colosseum in less than 10 minutes, and come back home, simple. Now tip number four: you don’t
always have to eat at the restaurant. I know most of you have seen this fancy restaurants around Rome
where you have some nice dinner facing the Vatican that’s expensive, that’s not a place to eat every
day. What you can do instead, you can have some street food. I did a video on Rome street food
that you have to try, guys, I will leave a link on the description box, check it out, another thing
that you can do, you can visit your local market and you can have some cold cuts like “formaggio”,
“prosciutto” (that’s ham and cheese), some nice fruits and it’s very good quality
and it’s not that expensive. Tip number five: I know this will probably save you a euro or two euros
but it’s worth it. You don’t have to buy water when in Rome. Instead, you can drink water from the…
We have so many fountains around the city and the water is a hundred percent safe, so
what you can do, you can bring a water bottle and refill, or you can just have it “old school”
and just drink straight from the fountain. Guys, it’s a hundred percent safe. Tip number six: is
you don’t have to buy the private tours, believe me, you can always go for group tours and I think
the group, it depends, it could be a group of five or ten people where you have someone taking you
around the sites and explaining and that way you will save some money you will make new friends and
you will have fun. Another thing that you can do is: please do your research before you visit the city.
You can watch videos, you can read blogs, I actually have some videos where I show you the sites
that you can visit when you come to Rome it’s really all about the mentality: the more you know
about the city, the more you’ll enjoy it. So do your research guys, don’t shy! Tip number seven: I know
most of you when you’re planning your trips you’re always like “I have to try the pasta, I have to try
the wine in Italy” – you’re totally right, you have to try the wine in Italy but, if you don’t have
time to go to a winery, and that’s because that tends to be out of the city, you can visit an
“enoteca” if you see a post ENOTECA that means it’s a shop that sells wine and most of the times, they
have you tasting the wine and telling you it’s from which region, they have variety of red wine,
white wine, sparkling wine – which is my favorite by the way, you should try it when you come, and
you will have the same experience, like in a winery, and guys those people are so knowledgeable, believe
me, they know their “shhht”, they know their stuff! They know their stuff, it’s just like visiting a winery
the only difference is like, you won’t see any vineyards in the enoteca, but the experience is
“excellente”! – and lastly guys, I don’t know how many of you know this, but most tourist sites in Rome
are free. I know you’re probably wondering “How much do I have to pay to go to the Trevi fountain?!”
You don’t have to pay to go to the Trevi fountain, the videos that you’ve seen, it means that most
people throw a coin when they go to the Trevi fountain. You don’t have to throw a coin, you
don’t have to pay anything: most of the places are free, most of the “piazzas” are free, churches are free
Of course the Colosseum you’ll pay to go inside if you’re interested in history, but otherwise
you will have a very awesome view from outside and take very good photos. Another thing guys,
the museums are free every first Sunday of the month – not all of them – but like most of
the museums are free, so if you’re planning your trip make sure you have a Sunday, you
know, don’t go back on Sunday go back on Mondays, so you can enjoy the free museum on…
on Sunday. Thank you guys for watching, and that’s it for today, those are the tips, and I hope that
will help you when you come to Rome and make, your experience, even more exciting on a budget.
If you want me to do more videos about places to eat, just leave me a comment below.
I hope to see you next time, thank you so much for watching, guys, ciao!

This video will give you some budget tips so you can enjoy the eternal city of Rome as well as save you some money to extend your trip or try other sites around Rome, like the beach in Sperlonga or the cute town of Nemi on the lake in the nearby hills of Rome (see video links below for more information on those sites).

Did you also know that most of these tourist sites, museums and churches are free on certain days? This is discussed in the video. You can also enjoy the city without booking a private guided tour in Rome. You get a group tour to save some money, or you can do your own research before arrival and download the information for yourself. You can also watch my videos where I show you these places and if you think they look interesting you can plan to see them. The best time to come to Rome if you’re on budget is to come during the off-season, or on low tourist season. This will help you avoid the high prices of the summer in terms of accommodation (specially hotels), the big crowds, the high heat. I recommend the autumn to spring months. I give tips on how to get around. Taxis are not an option if you’re on a budget. Instead, I recommend buses, tram and metros. I explain where to purchase tickets and how reliable they are. Another tip I provide is to stay in other neighborhoods and not at the tourist sites. Most places are well connected and I give a few neighborhood recommendations.

Everyone wants to experience eating out in restaurants, and you should. Understandably, this may turn out to be expensive if done during the entire trip. Hence, I recommend visiting local markets, or even minimarkets and supermarkets to buy Italian products and making it at home, which brings me to my next point: Airbnb options. You should look for renting an apartment, such as through Airbnb and save on accommodation (provided you stay further from the city center yet near public transport like a Metro stop).

Not everyone can afford an extra trip to the countryside and visit vineyards and wineries. You can get a taste of wines and learn from people who understand it. This can happen in the enotecas, which are shops that sell wine and you can also drink and taste wines there too.

Watch this video to know what to look for in terms of a better experience and what mistakes to avoid. Life in Italy as a black African woman, yet also helpful for travelers coming from any other non-EU countries, like Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa, Ghana, Gambia, Nigeria, Egypt, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Cameroon, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Malawi, Angola, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho, Namibia, Iran, Iraq, India, Nepal, Myanmar, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Syria, Romania, China, Laos, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, Cuba, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Panama, Haiti, Belize, Barbados, France, Spain, UK and the USA.

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